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Five-year old amputee to hike Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain

This weekend Albie-Junior Thomas and his dad will hike up Ben Nevis in Scotland. At the summit, you’re 4,441 feet above sea level. OK, so for some folks in the USA that’s the hill just outside of town, so let’s put this into perspective. You’re five years old and plan on hiking up a mountain in Scotland, not known for its balmy, Mediterranean weather. Add to that you’re doing it wearing a prosthetic leg.

No doubt there has been a lot of planning and preparation for this event, as there should be. You don’t go on a hike without it. Like our outdoor adventures, our lives are built around working towards goals, planning and preparing for them and then going for it. Whether it’s a hike up a Scottish mountain or getting a new job, we plan, prepare, and go for it. Young Albie-Junior isn’t just an inspiration to go hiking, he’s an inspiration to live.

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