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Twelve Ways to Setup Your Rainfly

Note: Onewind didn't send me this and I've not been compensated by them for this review. However, if you use the link below to buy one, I will get a little cash from the sale.

When I go backpacking its hammock and rainfly for me. And a good rainfly makes all the difference in the world.   


This is one of those rainflies with lots of setup options. In this video I show 12 different ways to rig the rainfly:

1. As Designed Expanded

2. As Designed

3. Fold Back

4. Narrow Porch

5. Big A Frame

6. Expanded Big A Frame

7. Big Porch

8. Lean To

9. Asymmetrical Diamond

10. Mega Porch

11. Pup Tent

12. Expanded Pup Tent


I really like having lots of options when it comes to setting up my hammock and tarp. Sometimes I think half the reason those of us that love hammocking do it just so we can tinker with different rainfly and hammock setups.


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