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We may be missing a part, but that doesn't mean we should miss out!

Update on the Disappointing News:

Went for a hike. Yes, this was against doctor's orders, but I was careful, I swear! I was on holiday on the island of Kauai in Hawai'i and couldn't resist the opportunity. So I bought a hiking pole (only used it on my left hand) and hiked up Sleeping Giant just inland from Kapaa. Incredible views! I filmed the hike in 4K and hope to have the video posted to Amputee Outdoors in the next couple of weeks.


This site isn't just for amputees, any lover of hiking, backpacking and camping will find value in this site. But, if you are an amputee, I hope the videos, advice, and pictures educate and inspire you to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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Bellevue Botanical Garden

You can still enjoy the beauty of nature without hiking up mountains. Nature trails and local parks like this are a great opportunity to destress, enjoy the sunlight through the trees and get some exercise.

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I'm an avid hiker located on the western side of the Cascade Mountains in Washington state. In 1992 I lost my leg 6 inches below my right knee in a motorcycle accident. Hiking seemed impossible, but with the advances in prosthetics over the years my world has been expanded. Now I can once again enjoy the natural beauty of mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes.

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